Tips for wheelchair trips

  • The cave "Na Špičáku" - You can find it only 12km (GPS 50.2842392N, 17.2507972E) from event centre. Visit is suitable for wheelchairs.

  • Gold Ore Mills with the Valley of Lost Adits nature trail - it is very close to TempOQ and PreO1 competiton area. Even for PreO1 you can taste the terrain, because it is the same one. It's not an embargo and there is an old orienteering map. And if you won't success in a competition, here you have still a chance "to get" some gold.

  • Sky walk - Incredible project, which is not only in Europe but also unique in the world, grew up within 6 months near the cottage "Slaměnka" and you can now have a look the Morava river valley from a bird's eye view. Distance from event centre is quite far - 52km.

  • Rejvíz and a nature trail that will take you to the Moss Lake