How to punch with SportIDENT

Czech olny! Hint: If you are not familiar with czech language, swith on the subtitles.

Several recommendations...

  • Each competitor must compete with assigned SI card (the same one for whole championship). Team leaders will receive SI cards in the event office during registration. SI cards must be returned to organizer after the competitorís last competition (usually PreO 2).

  • In case of SI failure competitor punch to the map by pin to a control decsription field. For example (as you can see on the right picture), SI on station 13, 17 and 19 doesnít work. Your answer is A, C and Z. The red spots show, how you woud punch by pin then. There is usually room for 30 punch in the SI-card, so be careful to multipunching.


  • The punching device is a carousel with several SI-units inside. Every of this carousel is placed close to the decision point in terrain. Beware of designation of the carousel (marked by white number in blue field - as it is show on the picture). There could be two or three carousels close together!!!
  • Important note:
    In video Hanka is turning by carousel using the same hand where she has a SI card on it's finger. She is very familiar with SI, so she can do it this way.
    But there is a danger of accidently mispunching!
    If the SIcard approach to a hole on SI device for some critical distance, it can write the data into the SI card! The correct way is turning the carousel by other hand without SIcard!