Here are some info about embargoed areas during ETOC. Note that any exploring of the terrain (step in with or without a map or observing it with the map) is strictly forbidden and leads to a disqualification!

The most important for all participants is the fact, that the accommodation and the event office as well are situated into a TrailO Relay and TempO Final competition area. It is a conflict obviously, so on the map bellow is a plan, which streets and paths you are free to use with no threat of disqualification. Of course, with no map in your hand.

You can use for approach to ETOC office and accommodation capabilities the red marked paths only

This enbargo is valid till the TempOF race is finished (25 MAY, 18:00).
Participants of TrailO Relay and TrailO Relay Open Course are out of the embargo during this race.

The rest areas

  • Terrain in Zlate Hory is embargoed till the end of PreO1.
  • Terrain in Vapenna is embargoed till the end of PreO2.

    For ETOC participants are valid all embargoed areas as for the EOC participants.
    Anyway, city of Jesenik will be freely available (no embargo) after the footO Sprint Q race (22 MAY, 11:00), so till the time when almost all ETOC participants are compeeting at ECTO2016 in Slovakia.
    Other EOC embargoes shouldn't be threatened by ETOC participants, so you don't need to taking care about them. Besides almost all of them are wheelchair unfriendly, be just care about planning some possible trips around.