Mistakes and non-exactnesses in Bulletin 4

  • page 56 - Not so precise description of punching procedure, one important picture is missing. Correct info is here

  • page 58 - Bad time of Model 1. Correct timing is 10:00 - 15:00!!! On the next page in schedule for Model1 there are right times, so it's confusing now there.

  • page 59 - Bad time of Relay. Correct timing is 9:30 - 14:00. Again, later in text there is described that at 8:30 we close the qurantine and at 9:30 we expect the start, but it's confusing...
  • page 59 - Course has a bad data. Correct information is 9 controls each leg + 2 TempO station, 3rd leg has plus 1 extra public TempO station

  • page 68 - Map shows the finish quarantine as an Arena. Please don't go there, it's part of competition and you will be disqualified then. Event centre for PreO1 is in Bohema, as it is on map on next page (69)
  • page 68 - Course has a bad data. Correct information is 23 controls + 2 time controls before the race

  • page 70 - Course has a non-exact data. Correct information is 24 controls + 1 time control after the race

  • Text formating is very poor, so some information you can easily miss. Important one I remind you on News page before the race.

    Information on this webpage are actual, follow them rather then the Bulletin 4.